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Five Flowers That Grow In Full Shade - A Spectacled Owl

Five Flowers That Grow In Full Shade - A Spectacled Owl
Five Flowers That Grow In Full Shade - A Spectacled Owl

5 Flowers That Grow In Full Shade

If you live on a property that is shady all day long, then you may be lamenting the fact that you can’t easily grow sun-loving flowers such as daisies or pansies, but don’t despair. There are many beautiful blooms that grow in full shade and can add beautiful splashes of color as well as pleasant scents to your property. Just because your property is covered in shade doesn’t mean that you can’t have a beautiful flower garden that can rival any other flower garden in your neighborhood. Here are five flowering plants that grow beautifully in full shade.

Flowers That Grow In Full Shade


Impatiens are some of the most desirable and popular shade-loving plants, and it is quite easy to see why. These prolific bloomers will dazzle from spring through fall with constant blooms that come in a wide variety of eye-catching colors. They are also very easy to grow, so even if you don’t have a green thumb you should be able to grow successful impatiens in your shady yard. Depending on the look that you are trying to achieve, you can purchase impatiens with large, striking blooms or you may prefer impatiens that have small, delicate blossoms.


If you purchase Torenia plants for your shady garden, you will enjoy the benefits of a flower that is both beautiful and rare. This delicate trumpet-shaped flower is not often seen in home gardens, but it can bring beautiful shades of purple, pink, and yellow to your property. Hummingbirds love this delicate plant, so if you want to attract these little birds to your property, be sure to plant your Torenia plants near your windows. This plant comes in both trailing and upright varieties, so it will be the perfect addition to your patio planters or borders and flower beds.

Concord Grape Spiderwort

Although its name doesn’t exactly conjure up images of beauty, the Concord Grape Spiderwort is actually a very attractive plant with large purple blooms. This unique and interesting plant will provide colorful blooms for three seasons out of the year, so it is a wonderful choice for those who love to maintain color in their gardens. The Concord Grape Spiderwort is also very easy to grow, and requires very little maintenance.


Primrose plants are very beloved by gardeners, and once you take a look at their cheerful blooms you will quickly see why. Primrose blooms come in a wide variety of happy colors, and they all have soft golden cores. To liven up your garden, try purchasing different primrose varieties and planting them around your home for a fantastic display of color during the spring.

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart plants are breathtaking when in full bloom. Their blooms aren’t like typical blooms because they are unique and heart-shaped. The graceful blooms are affixed at the end of long stems, so they tend to sway delicately in the slightest breeze. These plants prefer full shade, but they will grow in partial sun as well without too much difficulty and will add beautiful late-spring color to your shady garden. If you like the idea of growing flowers that will add unique beauty to your property, then make sure that you purchase at least one Bleeding Heart plant.

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