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Symmetrical Garden in London

Symmetrical Garden in London
Symmetrical Garden in London

How does your garden grow? With city gardens, the answer is with ingenuity. See the best small space garden ideas on HOUSE by House & Garden<br />
Andreas Von Einsiede

This townhouse garden off Portobello Road provides a sanctuary from the bustling streets of Notting Hill. With the dining area situated on the roof terrace, the garden has been simply, symmetrically designed for pure visual pleasure; a mock Roman bust takes centre stage.

If you're unable to take your alfresco dining elsewhere, opt for fold-up or portable tables and chairs, which can be easily removed when you want your garden to function solely as a beautiful green space.

Use your paving to create structure. Here, encaustic mosaic-patterned tiles delineate the beds edged with box.

Taken from the May 2012 issue of House & Garden.

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