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This Miniature Mushroom Tree is for the Gnomes

This Miniature Mushroom Tree is for the Gnomes
This Miniature Mushroom Tree is for the Gnomes

How to Make This Adorable Gnome Minaiture Tree


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Make it!

If your tree is going to be kept outdoors like mine, then the first step is to create some drainage in the plant pot. I’ve used a tiny white metal bucket sold as a set of three. It was purchased from a wedding supply shop as it’s meant as a wedding favor. It is also a perfect plant pot to fit a small one inch nursery pot!

How to Make a Gnome Minaiture Tree (4)

Add drainage to the pot by using a hammer and nail to simply poke some holes into the bottom of the pot. I did three holes to make sure that there was plenty of drainage in my rainy winter climate. Then put the plastic nursery pot inside the white bucket and your tree is ready to be decorated.

How to Make a Gnome Minaiture Tree (6)

Decorating the gnome Christmas tree is a simple as decorating a Christmas tree. Well, in fact it’s much easier because the tree is teeny-tiny.

How to Make a Gnome Minaiture Tree

First, wind a length of red and white bakers twine around the tree. Then add the mushroom ornaments by using the pin attached to the bottom of the mushroom and pushing it through the tree.

Miniature Mushroom Christmas Tree

Set the miniature tree out in the garden (see the rest of my play garden here) so that the garden gnomes have something festive for the holiday season.

Miniature Gnome Christmas Tree and Twiggy Gnomes

While mushroom tree is the perfect size to go along with garden gnomes, I have to admit I didn’t actually have any garden gnomes! Thinking quickly, I made a few with twigs and a little bit of paint. And I came up with a brilliant way of making the pointy hats (If I do say so myself). You can see how to make these twiggy gnomes in a DIY coming soon!

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