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Vanilla Cupcake Echinacea - a prolific Coneflower

Vanilla Cupcake Echinacea - a prolific Coneflower
Vanilla Cupcake Echinacea - a prolific Coneflower

Vanilla Cupcake Echinacea http://mysoulfulhome.com

Well, that doesn’t mean I won’t say more.

…This plant deserves a bit more praise

Vanilla Cupcake Echinaceadon’t let the fanciful name fool you – is down to earth literally & figuratively.

It stands tall, looks beautiful and works hard to produce bloom after bloom.

Even in Monday’s 106 degree temperature here at My Soulful Home – Vanilla Cupcake Echinacea did not break a sweat.

Bet you know this, Echinacea plants are also known as Coneflowers.

White Coneflower http://mysoulfulhome.com

Monrovia introduced me to this particular coneflower & I am grateful.

Vanilla Cupcake Echinacea works beautifully in my white garden & has the easy going nature I prize in plants ~ perfect!

Full sun, low water, average soil – pretty & low maintenance.

Vanilla Cupcake Coneflower http://mysoulfulhome.com

This coneflower boosts lovely double white anemone shaped flowers that top an upright & compact plant.

The blooms continue from mid summer through the fall. The plant reaches 19 – 22 inches tall & 16 inches wide.

It is cold hardy in zones 5 – 9. ( we are going to talk about zones in detail in the next week or so )

Gorgeous in mixed borders, garden beds or containers. Sun & some water makes Vanilla Cupcake happy where planted.

I have mine in a mixed bed in front of my house. Every morning when I walk Emmett, there are more blooms on my 6 Vanilla Cupcakes. The flowers are stunning mixed in with Provence French Lavender, Snow Hill Meadow Sage, Toki Clematis, Hi Ho Silver Thyme, White Carpet Roses and Everblooming Gardenias.

Promise to talk more about this garden bed with you as the combination is growing in so beautifully, you might just want to replicate it at your house. It is only a tiny front bed, but makes quite an impact.

Vanilla Cupcake Echinacea plant http://mysoulfulhome.com

Vanilla Cupcake is definitely doing more than its share to make my garden bed stunning. Because of that, and as it asks for so little in return, I recommend you add this plant to your garden.

If you think you’d like to add a Vanilla Cupcake or two to your garden, the plants are in stock and available for pick up at your local nursery now. Click here for details.

Stay with me for more information on the other plants in my garden. What are you planting this season? I would love to hear your recommendations.

** Kelly **

…another awesome thing about coneflowers is you can divide them. Learn all you need to know about dividing perennials and get my cheat sheet for dividing plants here.

Dividing plants a guide http://mysoulfulhome.com

As you know, I have the great fortune of collaborating with Monrovia on the creation of my gardens. “Great fortune” as Monrovia has, shovels down, the best plants available. I am sharing the details of my garden & plant selections with you as I know you will enjoy and benefit from the info. All plants are planted by me – and opinions are my own.

Original article and pictures take http://mysoulfulhome.com/vanilla-cupcake-echinacea-coneflower/ site

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