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Why Your Summer Dreams Should Inspire Fall Designs

Why Your Summer Dreams Should Inspire Fall Designs
Why Your Summer Dreams Should Inspire Fall Designs

ARTICLE: Why Your Summer Dreams Should Inspire Fall Designs

Have you started thinking ahead to your fall design projects?

This year, If you want to get anything done before for the holidays, you better act quickly because the workrooms and manufacturers will be filling up fast! The economy is swinging again, and designers are discovering that more and more furniture and fabrics are on backorder than ever before.

Like I said: Our workrooms are B-U-S-Y.

So the deadlines for having projects underway in the workroom that are scheduled for completion by Thanksgiving / Christmas will be moving up this year, probably to the end of September or early October, which is right on par with furniture manufacturers too. September is always a crazy month for designers!

This means all design work and deposits for furnishing items need to be taken care of around the middle to end of September. In other words:

Projects needing to be completed before the holidays need to be started NOW - really though, they should have already begun.

Seriously, don't wait till September to call us (or any other designer for that matter).

We'll be taking a very limited number of projects during the Fall because we have many that are still being worked on right now. So, as much as we hate to decline great design work, projects with holiday deadlines will not be accepted past August.

Sorry - I wish I could take on anything and everything, but I just can't. I haven't been on a vacation in I-don't-know-how-long! The same goes for taking a day off - I can't remember that last time I spent a full twenty-four hours away from work. Thankfully though, I've scheduled a break for myself in early August before the August-onslaught of Fall work begins.

As I sit here at my desk, in front of my computer, typing away in my studio, I can't help but have my mind on fun, outdoor design projects that I'd LOVE to do, but, as you now know, don't have time for. So, in the meantime, between now and my August break, I suppose I'll have to settle for...

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